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Sophians One n All

Dear Sophians,

In its 41 years of existence, Sophia Khetrinagar has groomed, nurtured and shaped the lives of thousands and thousands of raw, untrained, blooming minds that entered its portals. After a close tie up of ten to twelve years when these young ones are transformed into beautiful butterflies, ready to spread in the world their radiant colours, Sophia sends them off on to their various pathways chasing and achieving their different dreams……. The story is repeated year after year…..

Sophians take flight, aiming to the sky, but their roots remain firmly embedded in their Alma Mater, never to be severed. Wherever they go, wherever they are, they continue to belong here…… Once a Sophian always a Sophian – that’s how it will always be.

Hence “Sophians One n All. Khetrinagar” The Alumni Association is being floated, in order to build a strong and everlasting bond between the Ex-Sophians scattered all round the globe and their alma mater. This association is a platform for all those who studied in Sophia, Khetrinagar, to stay connected as one family and reach out to assist one another in troubled times, to share and to care and to always remain united with the institution.

The Executive Body will ensure the smooth functioning of this association in every possible way. The Alumni fund will be utilized in sponsoring awards, Scholarships to meritorious students in different fields. It will also be used to help out the Ex-Sophians passing through trials in life.

With the companionship of the Lord and your enthusiastic support may this association flourish, keeping Sophia a united family for all the years to come.

For Life Time Registration download the form (Click here)

To download Agenda for the General Body Alumni Meet (Click here)

Registration Fee Rs 500/- only


Rekha Lizbeth Samuel

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