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The School Crest in the form of a scroll,
unfolds a banner splashed with
the Golden Rays of the shining sun,
holding the singular word - Vachan (in Hindi)
Below, in a scalloped maroon band, edged with
two Crosses, as in a Coat of Arms,
is engraved the Motto
"Give Wisdom to Little Ones"
(in Hindi)

1. The very shape of the Crest - that of a banner with the scroll, implies an unraveling, an opening up of the treasures of infinite wisdom, which happens with the passage of time, in the years spent in school.
2. Vachan in the shining Sun symbolizes GOD, the Word in His Light (of knowledge), His Law (of Truth) and His Love (of Life)
3. The blazing rays imply the Radiating Power of God which:
a) dispels the darkness (Light)
b) reveals the Cosmic order (Law)
c) emanates Creative Energy (Life)
4. The Motto of the School "Arbhak Buddhi Dayi"
“Giving Wisdom to Little Ones” is to be realized and received with Conviction and Courage.

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