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Note to Parents/ Guardians

  1. Parents/Guardians are requested to look into the school diary every working day and see that the lessons and Home-work assigned for the next day are done. Remarks made in the Diary should be seen and countersigned regularly.
  2. Coming to school in time & neatly dressed.
  3. The students are to cultivate neatness. All slovenliness should be firmly disapproved of.
  4. If the Parents/Guardians observe that their ward is not assigned Home-work for some time, or that she/he is unable to follow the lessons, the Principal should be contacted.
  5. Private tuitions are discouraged.
  6. Parents/Guardians should not visit the classroom during the class hours, except on days fixed for the Parents- Teacher Meeting.
  7. Criticism of a teacher of the school in the presence of a student is to be scrupulously avoided, as it causes the student to lose her/his respect for her/his teacher. In case, the Parents/Guardians have a legitimate complaint they should see the Principal, without fear of reprisal.
  8. Being absent would hinder the progress of the student academically & other activities.
  9. Exert firm parental discipline in cases where your child’s behavior is distracting from the quality of learning opportunities for others in the school.
  10. Keep your child at home if he is suffering from chickenpox, small pox whooping cough conjunctivitis and send him to school only with doctors fitness certificate.
  11. A tag bearing the name of the pupil should invariably be attached to the school blazer and jersey/pullover.

The school expects that you will……….

  1. Be available if it is necessary, to discuss aspects of your child’s behavior at school sign messages, Progress reports or other similar documents when requested to do so, to avoid putting your child though any inconvenience.
  2. Check the school diary daily, as it forms a link between the school and the parents.
  3. Ensure that your ward is not absent on the first and last day of the school term without prior permission and that any leave taken from school is duly explained in the diary. The teaching staff expects that you will….
  4. Feel free to contact an individual teacher during his/her free periods by taking prior permission from the principal/ coordinator if you wish to discuss a matter of concern to you or your child.
  5. Be open to listening and considering the teachers’ opinions regarding your child even when the comments may be less the complimentary.
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