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Khetrinagar, a small picturesque township surrounded by the beautiful Aravali Ranges is an oasis in the desert. After the long, tedious journey from Jaipur or Delhi, the nearest mega cities, reaching Khetrinagar is like a breath of relief. And in the heart of the township Sophia school is like the brightest jewel, with its sprawling lawns, magnificent gardens, neat building and the budding sophians.

At the first venture, a team consisting of Mother Genevieve, Bishop Leo and Fr. Leo Albuquerque visited Khetri Copper Complex (K.C.C). Mr. Bahree, the then G.M. of H.C.L in the K.C.C. unit, Khetri Nagar received and welcomed them.
Sophia Khetrinagar was born. The school was situated in a humble surrounding on June 21, 1975, H.C.L providing all possible assistance in regard to funds and support for this noble venture. Two blocks of ‘C’ type quarters were given for the school and the residence of sisters, with all the amenities required. The school began with classes L.K.G, U.K.G, I and II. The staff consisted of the sisters and a few officers’ wives. Sister Yvonne was the first Principal.
Sister Candida took over as the Superior and Principal of the newly formed institution.
The New Sophia Building Block was completed. But as the Sophia School Board was put up and the Sisters were about to shift to the new school premises, there was a great opposition as the people of the place turned against the Sisters in a shocking turn of events. The school building was given to Kendriya Vidhyalaya and the Sisters returned to Ajmer in utter dismay. Soon a delegation from Khetrinagar arrived in Ajmer with ardent request for the Sister to return to K.C.C. The school resumed its mission of spreading education after the summer vacation not in Khetrinagar but in Khetri village, the Raja’s Zanana Palace-Jai Niwas Mahal on a hillock, on rental basis.
Sister Angela took charge as the new Principal and her contribution in the development of the school in the coming years was immense.
The generosity of Mr Bahree and the earnest request of parents resulted in the allotment of land at the edge of the complex township for the new school building. The construction work began under the supervision of Sr. Yvonne, the then Superior General and Sr. Angela the Superior. Mr. R.S. Mishra proved to be instrumental in getting the work done in 9 months.
The foundation was blessed by Rev. Fr. Albuquerque on March 11, 1983.
The school began functioning in the new building in Khetrinagar and the sisters shifted their residence to the French Hostel.
The first batch of CBSE students successfully completed class X Board Exam with cent percent result.
The K.G Block was constructed followed by Sisters’ residence. St. Mary’s church Foundation was blessed by Rev. Fr. Leo Albuquerque on November 28.
September 16, 1999 is a memorable day in the school history. Sophia Khetrinagar ushered in the Jubilee year of the school. In the month of October, Bishop Ignatius Menezes inaugurated the silver jubilee year of the school with the Eucharistic celebration in the school Hall.
School celebrated its Silver Jubilee 25 years of dedicated & loving service.
Construction of the Math lab.
Two basket Ball Courts were constructed.

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